Wild Oak Drive

Lot size: 28538 sq. ft
Floor area (including garage): 3680 sq. ft.
Project scope: new construction
Project status: completed 2008

Poised to take flight, this Hollywood Hills residence features a private bridge at the main entrance and cantilevered living spaces. Telescoping steel decks extend beyond the building face, providing additional vantage points from which to enjoy the abundant views of the city and canyons below. The machine-like steel structure is delicately clad with anodized aluminum and stucco panels which seem to peel away to embrace the stair and bridge. Walls of glass on the north and west elevations visually connect the interior with the surrounding natural landscape and highlight the ‘Hollywood’ sign situated across the adjacent canyon. The terraced patio, sundeck and deep blue pool are encircled by clusters of agave and forests of bamboo, punctuated by the dramatically cantilevered cabana and guesthouse… the property is respite for the sacred, as well as, the profane. Photo by Julius Shulman and Juergen Nogai. Lean Arch Inc.