Ruiyun Group Company Headquarters

Project status: design development

Analysis of the existing architecture and program for the building has determined the need for a main (or “grand”) staircase in the center of the building and atrium space. The new main staircase will serve two purposes: First, the stair will provide a more direct form of physical connection between the offices of the three departments of the company. The new stair would become the primary access point between the three floors. The second objective will be to stimulate (or activate) the central atrium space by promoting the flow of pedestrian traffic through the main hall. Company employees, business associates, and guests of the company will enjoy the views of the atrium museum exhibits and interior gardens from above as they ascend or descend the “grand” stair. The design of the stair is unique and is inspired by the Ruiyun Group’s core mission and integrity as skilled builders of large scale infrastructure projects such as bridges and highways. In elevation, the asymmetrical staircase resembles the Chinese character for “people” and reflects the company’s commitment to their employees, their community and the communities in which they work, and the environment. The symbol of the “bridge” reflects the Ruiyun Group’s desire to improve quality of life through modernization while maintaining a strong connection with Chinese culture, history and tradition.